Association of Academic Performance with Outcome Expectations and Its Domains in Nursing and Midwifery Students at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

Sepideh Bakhtiari, Elham Niroumand, Ahmad Khoshay, Jahangir Setarehgarmy, Sahar Karimy


Introduction: Outcome expectation is considered as a basic and significant variable in education. It is a cognitive-motivational component that takes the individual into account as an active and sensible decision-maker. The present study was conducted to determine the correlation of outcome expectations with academic performance of Kermanshah students of nursing and midwifery.

Methods: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, the study sample included 218 nursing and midwifery students that were selected through convenient random sampling. The instrument for data collection was the questionnaire of “outcome expectations of career decision-making and discovery targets”, which comprised of 13 questions in three domains of future orientation, job satisfaction and personal expectations. The questionnaires were coded after being completed and the obtained data were fed into SPSS-16 software and analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test,   Kolmogrov-Smirnov, ANOVA and Mann-Whitney tests.

Results: The findings indicated no statistically significant difference between place of living (dormitory or home) and outcome expectations along with its domains (39.4% and 60-6%). However, a significant correlation was reported between major, gender, admittance year and academic performance of the students (p<0.05). Moreover, this correlation was significant between future orientation and personal expectations, but not in the case of job satisfaction (p>0.05).

Conclusion: The findings of this study indicated a positively significant relationship between students’ academic performance and outcome expectations along with its domains.

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