Assessing the performance of hospitals at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences by Pabon Lasso Model(2006-2011)

Behzad Karami Matin, Satar Rezaei, Moslem Soofi, Ali Kazemi Karyani


Background: Assessment of hospital performance plays an important role in improving the quantity and quality of services. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of the teaching hospitals of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences using Pabon Lasso model during 2006-2011.

Methods: This descriptive-analytical study was carried out to assess the performance of six teaching hospitals of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences during 2006-2011 using Pabon Lasso Model. This model uses three indexes of bed occupancy rate, bed turnover rate and the average length of stay, simultaneously. The data were collected using a standardized checklist, and Excel software was used for analyzing the data and charting Pabon Lasso.

Results: The results showed that one of the studied hospitals had high bed occupancy rate and low turnover rate, two hospitals had high turnover rate and low bed occupancy rate, one hospital had high bed occupancy rate and high bed turnover rate, and two hospitals had low bed turnover rate and high bed occupancy rate.

Conclusion: According to this study, about 85 percent of hospitals had low performance in indexes of bed occupancy rate, bed turnover rate or both. So, the reasons for the low performance must be evaluated and analyzed. Also, based on the characteristics of the hospitals, proper strategies can be applied to improve the performance of hospitals and increase the efficiency of resources.


hospital, performance assessment,, Pabon Lasso, Kermanshah


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