Health-related quality of life of women in marginal areas of Kermanshah and some related factors

Nader Rajabi Gilan, Seyed Ramin Ghasemi, Sohyla Reshadat, Alireza Zanganeh, Shahram Saeidi


Background: Quality of life is an important and applicable concept in the realm of social health and welfare. This study was carried out to investigate the health-related quality of life of women living in marginal areas of Kermanshah and some related factors.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted on a sample of 555 people that were selected from 6 marginal areas of Kermanshah city by multistage sampling method, and completed WHOQOL-BREF and Security Sense questionnaires. Data were analyzed by SPSS-18 software using independent t-test, ANOVA, Pearson correlation and multiple regression tests.

Results: The mean age of respondents was 32.5±12.7 and 65.9% of them were married. The highest and lowest mean scores of the respondents’ quality of life were reported for physical health domain (55.6±17.4) and environmental health domain (44.7±16.0), respectively. The results of regression test showed that women’s QOL domains were explained by "security sense" and "health status" followed by "marital status" and "physical activity" variables.

Conclusion: The health-related quality of life of women in marginal areas of Kermanshah was not in an acceptable level, and their QOL was explained by some variables such as "security sense", "health status", "marital status" and "physical activity".


quality of life, women, social security sense, marginal areas


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