Angiographic complications of vascular surgery in Imam Reza Hospital in Kermanshah 2010-2011

Ezatollah Sadeghi, Reza Pourmirza kalhori, Mansour Rezaei, Arsalan Naderipour


The aim of this study is to evaluate the complication rate of diagnostic and interventional angioplasty performed by vascular surgeon in Imam Reza Hospital in Kermanshah, in 2010-2011.

In this descriptive –analytic study, 259 patients who underwent diagnostic interventional angiography in Imam Reza Hospital of Kermanshah were selected using convenience sampling. The data gathering tool was a pre- angiography form and a complication check list. The data were analyzed using SPSS-16 and Fishers and chi-square tests.

In this study, 84.3% of patients were male and 15.7% were female. The most common method of vascular access was right Femoral angiography. The incidence rate of bleeding after angiography was 0.77%, pseudo aneurysm was 0.38%, regional hematoma was 0.38% and infection  was 0.38%.The overall complication rates was 1.9%.


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